The Agents Association represents over 1,200 members across a twelve-state region.

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C&C Process

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The Agents Association Concerns & Communications

The Agents Association
Concerns and Communications
Policy and Procedures


Two of the stated purposes of The Agents Association are 1.) To promote and further a good working relationship between the members of this organization and Farm Bureau Financial Services and its affiliated companies; and 2.) To assure an interchange of ideas and information that will result in better service to Farm Bureau members and clients.

In order to achieve these goals, The Agents Association members are invited to occasionally submit “concerns and communications” to be delivered to company headquarters in Des Moines for consideration by management.

These concerns and communications (C&Cs) will be held to the strictest measures of professionalism and should be intended solely for the improvement of the company, its agents and/or its members.

Procedures for submitting C&Cs:

  1. C&Cs are submitted by the agent to his/her district or agency. C&Cs is discussed and voted upon by the district/agency. Then the district/agency rep. will forward it to the state board. Please use the State Template for C&Cs when submitting to the Regional office.
  2. C&Cs should begin with “We respectfully request that …” and conclude with “Thank you for your consideration.”
  3. C&Cs should be brief, typed and edited for spelling and grammar.
  4. Editorial content, personal attacks and inappropriate language will automatically disqualify a C&C.
  5. The state chapter board representative will present the C&Cs at the next state chapter board meeting.
  6. At that time, all properly submitted C&Cs will be considered by the state chapter board. The state board shall determine* whether to approve or fail the C&Cs. The decision will be made by a simple majority of the state chapter board. *limited number of C&Cs will be submitted to management.
  7. The state chapter board shall submit a copy of all approved C&C to the regional board for final consideration. The C&Cs must be typed in a Word Document and submitted electronically (no faxes) to the regional office. No pictures or screenshots will be accepted. 

Procedures for C&Cs Hearings:

  1. Management shall be given a minimum of six weeks to respond to submitted C&Cs.
  2. Designated regional board members will schedule a meeting with management to hear response.
  3. Representatives from management will read submitted C&Cs and respond to each accordingly.
  4. There will be no further discussion unless at the request of management.
  5. Management will submit written response to The Agents Association to be communicated to members.

Timeline for C&C Process:

  • States submit C&Cs to TAA Office twice a year, typically in February and August

*timeline dates are subject to change.

For management responses to previous C&Cs please visit: